Are you considering vasectomy reversal? Have you changed your mind about fathering children in future after getting a vasectomy done a few years ago? There may be several reasons for the change of heart from a divorce to the death of a child or simply a change in the economic status of the family. Fortunately, excellence and the immense progress in medical science have now made it possible to reverse a vasectomy with a microsurgical procedure. The surgery has a very high success rate.

If you are looking for a long term, hassle free and permanent form of contraception; then you needn’t look beyond vasectomy. The procedure is usually conducted when a couple is quite sure about their decisions to not want children in future. However, almost 5% of the men who opt for the procedure change their mind in due course for one of several reasons such a remarriage, the demise of a child, improvement in the financial condition of the family or simply the desire to experience the euphoria of becoming a father. Two decades ago, it would be simply impossible to reverse a vasectomy but today it is possible and the procedure has enriched the lives of many men.

Like all other surgical procedures, there are certain risks associated with vasectomy reversal as well besides the procedure does not come cheap to add to the issue, your insurance company will not pick up the tab for the surgery which means you will have to dole out money from your own coffers which may pose another problem. Given all these issues, you will do yourself a favor if you thoroughly research vasectomy reversal instead of jumping the gun and lying on the operating table.

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Vasectomy Reversal Info

One of the most common techniques used for vasectomy reversal is known as vasovasostomy; this is one of the more common surgical procedures used for the purpose; it involved joining the two ends of the vas deferens to create an unhindered passage for the sperms to flow from the epididymis to the prostrate glands. However, this procedure is only possible if vasectomy has been conducted less than three years before the vasectomy reversal surgery. If more than ten years have lapsed since you got the vasectomy done, there may be certain internal complication that will render vasovasostomy futile. In such a case, another procedure called vasoepididymostomy is conducted. The procedures can be performed under the influence of epidural or general anesthesia. It is generally an outpatient procedure so you can go back home the same day.

The success of the procedure primarily depends on the selection of the surgeon The doctor’s skills, expertise and relevant experience will go a long way so it is recommended that you choose a surgeon who has quite a bit of experience in conducting similar microsurgical procedures to get the best results.

The reversal procedure is conducted in three steps; the first step involves the examination of the scrotum; often this can give the doctor leads into the type of surgery that may be required for the patient. The next step of the procedure s to ascertain that sperms are still being produced in the body and that they are viable. To examine this, a drop of fluid is removed from the testicles and examined. The surgery is only performed if the sperms are found to be relatively healthy. The third step is of course the actual surgery, you will be asked to come in an hour or two early so that you can get enough time to ask any questions that you may have. The surgery takes two to three hours to be completed and you can resume your normal activities after a month.

A vasectomy reversal cost of the procedure can vary from clinic to clinic and among various places; however, the surgery can cost upwards of $10,000. Several clinics offer easy payment plans so that men who want to get a vasectomy reversal do not have to stop themselves because they don’t have the funds needed for the surgery.

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What Are The Success Rates of Vasectomy Reversals?

Why would someone consider having a vasectomy reversal? The strongest motivation for many men and their partners is wanting to have more children. Many men have a vasectomy at a point in a relationship where they and their partner feel that their child raising days are behind them. However, relationships can change, or end with new relationships forming, which can often lead to a re-emergence of the desire to have children. In this case the vasectomy reversal gives couples a second chance or in the case of a new relationship an opportunity to start over. Not only do relationship changes create the desire to have a vasectomy reversal, but sadly the death of a child to a couple that have chosen to have the vasectomy reversal procedure, can create a very strong desire to have another child, forcing them to look at a vasectomy reversal as a possible option to do so.

Fortunately for those considering vasectomy reversal surgery, the chances of having a successful procedure are relatively good, with the various success signposts being a pain free surgical recovery, appropriate sperm levels in the ejaculate, and finally pregnancy occurring. Post surgery complications can occur however leading to a condition known as post vasectomy pain syndrome (PVPS) The severity of the post surgery pain can be such that it virtually forces the sufferer to look at having their original vasectomy reversed in the hope that their pain can be eliminated. Although this is not a common occurrence, if it does occur it provides a very compelling reason to look at having a vasectomy reversal. When making your decision to have or not have vasectomy reversal surgery, please take your time to research the specialist surgeons who will be performing your surgery. The single biggest factor in your vasectomy reversal success rate is the skill and experience of the surgeon.

Your best chance of success is to choose a micro surgeon with a lot of experience specifically in vasectomy reversal surgery. One of the main complications that, while not life threatening, can virtually guarantee that your surgery will NOT be successful if your vasectomy reversal doctor is not trained in the management of it, is a vasoepididymostomy. This complication often occurs once surgery has commenced, by which time it is too late to do anything about the lack of skill or experience of your surgeon in relation to this particularly difficult surgical procedure. Due diligence is called for here. Do the required research. Many will say that a vasectomy reversal is a safe and simple procedure. And it is for most people. But your chances improve dramatically if you look around and compare various surgeons and their level of skill and success, in vasectomy reversal surgery. As much as cost is a factor for all of us when making big decisions like elective surgery, don’t allow yourself to compromise on the cost of your surgery.

The most expensive surgeon is not always the best, but, taking a chance with your long term health and the short term success of your surgery to save a few dollars, could ultimately be a very costly mistake. Taking the cheaper option can lead to a poorly performed procedure and the associated post surgery complications and lack of ability to conceive. Your chances of success with vasectomy reversal surgery are usually very good, but there are a few key factors to consider, when trying to establish the likelihood of a successful outcome. The biggest block to success is the length of time that has elapsed since you had the original vasectomy procedure. Figures vary, but most research indicates that you can expect a 97% success rate (success here being a return of your sperm count to “normal”) if 3 years or less has passed since your vasectomy. As far as pregnancy occurring if you have surgery before 3 years has passed you have a 75% chance of fathering a child.

As you would imagine, if a vasectomy reversal is performed many years after the original vasectomy surgery, the chances of success (normal sperm counts and pregnancy) drop considerably. If 15 years of more have passed your chances of fathering a child drop to 30% with a 72% chance of normal sperm rates returning. As we age there can be other non-surgery related health issues that may impact our chances of a successful vasectomy reversal, these also need to be taken into account when you weigh up your surgical options and the likelihood of surgery being successful. Your vasectomy reversal specialist will outline all of these factors. So if you find yourself in the situation of having had a vasectomy and are now wanting to father children again, a vasectomy reversal is definitely something you should look into.

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Vasectomy Reversal - A Personal Story

Vasectomy reversal is conducted with an aim to restore fertility in the life of couples that want to explore the joys of parenthood. Vasectomy is considered the most reliable and safe contraceptive method that prevents more pregnancies every year than any other method of birth control. However, with changing times, attitudes, priorities, and financial and emotional circumstances also undergo transformation. One may later in life, feel the need to get a vasectomy reversal. A reversal scores higher than all other available options because it's more natural, less expensive and potentially more effective!

It is critical to garner all information regarding vasectomy reversal before deciding to take the plunge! The following are a few pointers to quickly walk you through all that you need to know about vasectomy reversal.

What exactly is vasectomy reversal? - Reverting of Vasectomy is a microsurgical procedure that can backtrack vasectomy. It involves the single or multiple suturing of the two severed ends of vas deferens, the tubes that carry sperm from the epididymis to the prostate. This allows for the renewed flow of sperm through the vas deferens in the male reproductive tract. This sperm goes on to become part of the semen ejaculated at orgasm and thus brings about the ability to father children. This medical procedure is known as a "vasovasostomy". If there is a blockage due to the increased pressure in the epididymis, it must be bypassed in an alternate form of surgical procedure known as a "vasoepididymostomy".

The cost of Vasectomy Reversal- It is a good idea to investigate the total expenditure of a vasectomy reversal, which may be anywhere from $4,000 to $20,000. Unlike vasectomy, most insurance companies do not cover the reversal procedure. The asking price may vary among physicians, states, and according to the methodology used. For instance, the services of a vasectomy reversal expert in the US may cost you an average of $10,000. The same would cost you $5000 in Canada. This is all inclusive of the three fees applicable for a vasectomy reversal, which are the surgical fee, the anaesthetic fee and the hospital fee. It is however possible to lessen the charges by opting for an operation at an outpatient surgical centre instead of a hospital. That may reduce the price of a vasectomy reversal to anywhere from $2500 to $4000. Furthermore, in case of a vasoepidiymostomy, the overall cost of the reversal will mount, as this procedure is more complex and time-consuming.

How successful is Vasectomy Reversal? - Vasectomy reversal is quite successful! The success rates again vary in accordance with factors such as the duration after vasectomy, experience, expertise and the course of action or approach of your surgeon towards vasectomy reversal. A recent study focussed on vasectomy reversal and conducted on over 1000 couples revealed that if the duration after vasectomy was less than three years, 75 percent of couples achieved a pregnancy, if three to eight years, 50 percent, nine to 14 years, 40 percent and over 14 years post vasectomy, 30 percent of couples achieved a pregnancy. The overall pregnancy rate was 52 percent. Repeat vasectomy reversals were less winning with only 40 percent of pairs accomplishing a pregnancy. In addition, success rates vary from surgeon to surgeon, some boasting of as much as a 97% success rate of a straightforward vasectomy reversal.

Complications- Though rare, there may arise some difficulties following vasectomy reversal. These include the oozing of blood from the corners of the scrotal incision, which usually stops within 12 hours following the procedure. Some patients may incur a large bruise that settles with time and rest. Also, there are chances of an infection that is quite painful, accompanied by the scrotum acquiring a red colour. Immediately contact your vasectomy reversal doctor in case of any of the above complications!

Choosing your Vasectomy reversal expert- The reversal surgery is specialized and technical and demands extensive training in microsurgery and an experience of conducting several reversals throughout a year. Skill, experience and expertise are major factors that have a bearing on the success of vasectomy reversal. Other than that, ensure that your surgeon not only has had formal fellowship training but also is licensed to practise in your state or province. Confirm that your micro surgeon /reversal specialist performs the reversal using an operating microscope, and 2-layer closure with 10-0 nylon sutures. It would also be wise to check out the surgeon's statistics for number of reversals per year, number of successes, complication rates and whether or not he has a university appointment.

Pregnancy after vasectomy Reversal- The statistics for pregnancy post vasectomy, as mentioned above, are quite encouraging! After vasectomy reversal a couple may attain pregnancy within a couple of months. The standard duration is at least a period of 12 months. Most pregnancies occur with in a period of two years after the reversal.

Armed with the above knowledge, it is now time to make your decision. It is best not to delay vasectomy reversal because even if you do not plan a child for the next one or two years, it must be borne in mind that post vasectomy reversal pregnancy takes an average time of twelve months. In addition, the more you delay, the more affected are your chances of attaining patency. Hope this information helps you make an informed decision about your and your family's future!

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